Recruiting Associate Officers!!

Hey guys! UTM ROCSAUT is now recruiting Associate Officers (AO)…

Positions Available:

  • Treasurer AO
  • Secretary AO
  • Public Relations AO
  • Program Director AO
  • Marketing AO

Job Description & Qualifications:

[All AOs are required to attend club meetings]

Treasurer AO:

  • Monthly cash flow analysis and reporting
  • Cash reimbursement and reconciliation of receipts
  • Budgeting expenditures
  • Strong analytical skills and basic financial knowledge required
  • Efficient use of Microsoft office software

Secretary AO:

  • Maintain meeting records and documentation
  • Set up timetables and deadlines for events
  • Arrange for meetings, schedule for booths
  • Assist President in administrative matters
  • Multi-task abilities, good time-management skills

Public Relations AO:

  • Conduct promotion of events through emails, facebook etc. to spread information
  • Sell tickets and contact members through email and/or phone
  • Attend booth duties and answer general questions from students
  • Be outspoken, cheerful and able to handle multiple tasks at one time

Program Directors AO:

  • Plan and coordinate events
  • Related duties necessary for executing events including but not limited to: contacting sponsors, booking event venues, communicating with treasurer for budget issues
  • React to unexpected issues and problems during execution of events
  • Creative, responsible, timely and strong communication and problem solving skills

Marketing AO (Promotions)

  • Designing and producing event posters, magazines, flyers in paper and electronic form for promotion of club events
  • Assisting and communicating with PRs in the promotion of events
  • Taking pictures during events
  • Good in graphics design and use of photo editing software etc.

Marketing AO (Club Representation)

  • Communicating with external organizations or businesses in obtaining sponsorships or cooperation in events
  • Assist PDs in contacting these organizations
  • Have excellent negotiating and communication skills
Download Application Here (Deadline – Nov25) :

ROCSAUT Staff Recruiting Application Form

(Submit application to  OR  hard copy to any of the Public Relations)


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