2012 Taipei UTnewcomer – 多倫多大學新生迎新說明會

FOR U OF T NEWCOMERS IN TAIWAN (For all 3 campuses)

Have you figured out how to register and enroll courses on ROSI?
Not sure about the level of difficulties of the courses in your program of study?
Is the university life that you’re expecting different than what it really is?
Fellow U of T frosh in TAIWAN, let us answer all of your questions!

Taiwan Republic of China Student Association at the University of Toronto (ROCSAUT) is hosting a “2012 Taipei UTnewcomer Event” with a list of selected must-know topics. Feel free to join us and meet other U of T fellows!

* Fee: free
* When: Saturday July 21st, 2:00-4:30pm

Please facebook message Gina asap if you are in Taiwan and interested in our information session! Thank you so much 🙂




多倫多大學台灣同學會將在7月21號舉辦 “2012台北多大新生迎新說明會”,內容都是精選的大一須知訊息。 歡迎大家踴躍前來,好康道相報,讓我們幫你贏在起跑點!

費用: 免錢
地點: 2012/7/21 星期六
時間: 2-4:30pm

詳情請洽 Gina (Facebook 留言)!!


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