ROCSAUT 2012 Summer Project – Taiwan Say CHEESE

After 2~3 months of planning, traveling, video editing, ROCSAUT is here, proudly to announce our 2012 Summer Project – “Taiwan Say CHEESE”. How many people around the world knows where Taiwan (also known as Formosa) is, or just anything about Taiwan? When we travel to a different country, and we’ve been asked where we’re from, the answer “Taiwan” seemed to confused many people.

Although Taiwan’s geographic scale is considered pretty small, you would be amazed by what is happening on this island. Any travelers should visit this friendly place at least once in their life time.

As a result! ROCSAUT’s staffs have decided to dedicate their summer vacation on traveling around Taiwan, taking some beautiful images and footage, and compressing it into this short video. We couldn’t get through all the cities due to the interruption of Typhoon, so you should travel here and enjoy those missed out cities (of course, the other cities as well), and sorry about that.

The Taiwanese flag has been removed from the streets at the 2012 London Olympics. It is time to speak up and proudly tell others that “We are from Taiwan!”


經過了兩三個月的籌備、旅行、後製等等,多倫多大學台灣同學會在此隆重推出2012暑假特別企劃 – Taiwan Say CHEESE! 福爾摩沙的美在國際間到底多少人欣賞過? 到國外旅行,別人問我們哪裡來的時候,”台灣”這個答案似乎讓許多人露出困惑的表情。

身在國外的大家想必經過許多不平等的待遇,就連最進正在舉行的倫敦奧運在街頭掛上台灣的青天白日滿地紅也遭撤換。該是台灣人站出來的時候,驕傲的跟大家說: 我們來自台灣!

沒聽過沒關係! 寶島雖小,人文風情卻樣樣俱全。台灣人的有善和熱情是任何旅行家一生一定要至少體驗一次的。

因此! 多倫多大學台灣同學會的Staff們利用暑假環島一圈並拍攝下這片美麗的土地和風景。因中途遇上颱風必須折返,所以非常抱歉有些城市的美就得必須各位親自去感受體驗了。


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