Want to be part of ROCSAUT?

Hey guys! UTM ROCSAUT is now recruiting Associate Officers (AO)…

Positions Available:

Treasurer AO
Secretary AO
Public Relations AO
Program Director AO
Marketing AO
Web AO
Job Description & Qualifications:

[All AOs are required to attend club meetings]

Treasurer AO:

Monthly cash flow analysis and reporting
Cash reimbursement and reconciliation of receipts
Budgeting expenditures
Strong analytical skills and basic financial knowledge required
Efficient use of Microsoft office software

Secretary AO:

Maintain meeting records and documentation
Set up timetables and deadlines for events
Arrange for meetings, schedule for booths
Assist President in administrative matters
Multi-task abilities, good time-management skills
Public Relations AO:

Conduct promotion of events through emails, facebook etc. to spread information
Sell tickets and contact members through email and/or phone
Attend booth duties and answer general questions from students
Be outspoken, cheerful and able to handle multiple tasks at one time

Program Directors AO:

Plan and coordinate events
Related duties necessary for executing events including but not limited to: contacting sponsors, booking event venues, communicating with treasurer for budget issues
React to unexpected issues and problems during execution of events
Creative, responsible, timely and strong communication and problem solving skills

Marketing AO (Promotions):

Designing and producing event posters, magazines, flyers in paper and electronic form for promotion of club events
Assisting and communicating with PRs in the promotion of events
Taking pictures during events
Good in graphics design and use of photo editing software etc.

Marketing AO (Club Representation):

Communicating with external organizations or businesses in obtaining sponsorships or cooperation in events
Assist PDs in contacting these organizations
Have excellent negotiating and communication skills

Web AO:

Design and maintain the UTM ROCSAUT website and apps
Download Application Here (Deadline – Oct26) :
AO application form 2012-2013

(Submit application to ROCSAUT@utmsu.ca OR hard copy to any of the Public Relations)


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