Next Stop UofT – Taipei


For all UofT newly admitted students, this is something that you would be interested!

The University of Toronto Asia-Pacific Advancement Office in Hong Kong is hosting the Next Stop UofT program in Taipei.

‘Alumni and current students will be available to share their insights and answer your questions about student life at U of T. You’ll also have the chance to meet other first-year students coming from your home town.’ – NSUT

Registration is required, please visit the following page for more information:


多倫多大學的新生們, 照過來照過來!

今年多倫多大學-香港的Asia-Pacific Advancement Office決定來台北囉~他們即將要辦Next Stop UofT的活動, 此活動可以讓你有機會與現在的在校生談一談, 也可以讓你有機會認識其他跟你一樣從台灣來的新生歐!

此活動需要報名參加, 活動網址為:


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