Bento Day Result!!!


Dear Members!

這次的bento day我們一共發了110個便當哦(鼓掌!!撒花!!),我們在這裡要謝謝大家的支持哦,這個數字創了我們歷史新高呢,嘿嘿
在此,要跟大家再聲明一次,Bento Day 每個月有兩次哦,除非遇到特殊情況,雖然不知道會是怎樣的emergency, but just in case 哦,便當有時會在cct pick up,有時會在student center,視每一次情況而定哦。

Special thanks to all who bought our bento!!! The bento day was done very successfully, we sold 110 bentos in total, all of our staffs are appreciated, and we are here to thank you for cooperating with us! Sometimes we pick up at CCT and sometimes at Student center, we will inform everyone before the pick ups so you will get your bento right on time! We will offer bento day twice a month, except if there is an emergency, in that case we will inform everyone a week before. Anyways, we hope to see you all again for our next bento day! Have a good night everyone!

Members, $8/each, every membership card can buy 2 bentos with member price

每一次Bento Day的前一周左右我們會通知大家,大家會有足夠的時間去fill up order form,只要keep in track我們的消息就不會怕吃不到美味的便當哦!



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