Haaai 各位同學們! 寒假過的好嗎?

馬上一轉眼已經開學一個星期了!!! 新年新氣象 今年ROCSAUT 2015年第一個活動是滑冰溜冰刀! 時間是1月15號在Square One 旁邊的

Celebration Square廣場 入場免費 可以帶自己的溜冰鞋 如果沒有溜冰鞋的朋友們 現場有的租10塊錢 那我們到時見~

Hopefully everyone had a happy holiday!
Really don’t want the school to start, eh! Neither do I!
Glad 2015 is here! It’s a new beginning of the year and are you ready to do something fun with ROCSAUT UTM?
For those who are good skaters, come out and show off your tricks! and for those who’ve never been ice skating, still come on out and learn something new!! Our staff are always there to help!

Everybody come on out for an awesome time!!

✔WHEN: JAN.15 Thursday
✔WHERE: Square one celebration square (outdoor ice rink)
✔HOW MUCH: Free!!!! Skates rental $10
Bring your own skates if you do have one
The event may be adjusted due to weather conditio


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