Are you exhausted from the midterms? Feeling anxious towards the upcoming exams? Drop your books and come to our exciting paintball event and experience two hours of unforgettable fun!!

Don’t worry if you’ve never played paintball before! This will be a friendly and casual event. The guns’ power have been slightly reduced, so don’t be afraid of getting hit! It doesn’t hurt as much as you think! Promise!

☞☞When: November 15, 2014, from 2 pm to 6 pm

☞☞How to get there: We will be meeting at the UTM bus stop at 12:40pm. (Don’t be late!)
*If you decide to come by yourself because you’re so fancy, please make sure that you arrive NO LATER than 2pm! Your spots may be taken if you are late!

☞☞Price: $19.99 for 100 paintballs (You are saving $10!! Seriously, that’s a great deal)
$4.99 for Coverall rental (covers from neck to legs)

☞☞What to bring/wear: Hoodies, runnings shoes and long pants, are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.
You are also recommended to bring a spare change of clothes, so you can change those sweaty and colorful clothes after we’re done.

☞☞How to book your spot: Come visit our booth at CCT on Monday the 10th and Wednesday the 12th from 1-4pm! Sign the waivers and provide us your name and contact information.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Peter Huang (647-710-1385)
Louise (416-835-6107).

Book your tickets early as we have limited spots!
We hope to see you there!

Bento Day Result!!!


Dear Members!

這次的bento day我們一共發了110個便當哦(鼓掌!!撒花!!),我們在這裡要謝謝大家的支持哦,這個數字創了我們歷史新高呢,嘿嘿
在此,要跟大家再聲明一次,Bento Day 每個月有兩次哦,除非遇到特殊情況,雖然不知道會是怎樣的emergency, but just in case 哦,便當有時會在cct pick up,有時會在student center,視每一次情況而定哦。

Special thanks to all who bought our bento!!! The bento day was done very successfully, we sold 110 bentos in total, all of our staffs are appreciated, and we are here to thank you for cooperating with us! Sometimes we pick up at CCT and sometimes at Student center, we will inform everyone before the pick ups so you will get your bento right on time! We will offer bento day twice a month, except if there is an emergency, in that case we will inform everyone a week before. Anyways, we hope to see you all again for our next bento day! Have a good night everyone!

Members, $8/each, every membership card can buy 2 bentos with member price

每一次Bento Day的前一周左右我們會通知大家,大家會有足夠的時間去fill up order form,只要keep in track我們的消息就不會怕吃不到美味的便當哦!


Dance of the Dead ROCASS Halloween Condo Party!


 Have a SEXY/CUTE/HALARIOUS/SCARY costume for this Halloween? Feeling too old to go trick or treating? Here’s your chance to wear your costume and party with ROCSAUT and CASS!
This year unlike our usual annual Halloween parties, ROCSAUT collaborated with CASS for an even more exciting Halloween Costume Party! Come for an unforgettable night with refreshments, game activities, and FUN! tickets are $20 for members and $25 for non-members! get extra $5 off for wearing costumes!!!! more information feel free to contact Cass or ROCSAUT staffs they will be more then happy to help you out! get pump and get scary! Hurry up and click the picture for more information!!!

Welcome our new sponsor! FoodHwy!!

logo 阴影



親愛的會員們 我們又有好贊助商向你們介紹啦~這次跟我們ROCSAUT合作的是 FOODHWY! FOODHWY 是一間專門為學生做送餐服務的一間公司 只要網上註冊用戶 線上點餐 就可以在校園裡享用熱騰騰的中式佳餚了! FoodHwy好就好在於只需要點超過$5就可以為你做送餐的服務了!! 現在首次用戶還享有第一份訂單免$5的優惠喔! 還有只要點超過$10就送兩罐飲料!! 滿$20送三罐!! 以此列推~ 還有還有!! 現在只要出示我們ROCSAUT會員卡 馬上再送一罐飲料!!! 還再等甚麼? 馬上點擊上面的圖片 開始點餐!!

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Reading Week Blue Mountain Ski Trip – SNOWSTORM 2014

SnowStorm 2014

It’s time to conquer the hills!! Join ROCSAUT as we embark on our once in a year reading week ski and snowboarding trip! Don’t know how to ski? Don’t you worry, we’ve have staff that are more than happy to teach you. Other alternatives include, a relaxing day at the village spa or show off your artistic skills at the Crock A Doodle Pottery Studio. The choice is yours to decide!

Date: Feb 17th-19th, 2014 (Monday – Wednesday)

– $100 for Members
– $115 for Non-Member
– includes 2 night accommodation, breakfast, dinner and transportation
– Lift tickets and rentals are separate

Meals Provided:
– Tuesday& Wednesday Breakfast
– Monday & Tuesday Dinner

Rentals: $41
Lift Tickets: $46

– Relaxing day at the Village Spa
– Show off your artistic skills at the Crock A Doodle Pottery Studio


Stay tuned for more info!

Space is LIMITED and tickets are sold on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis, so you definitely DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!

For more information feel free to contact any of our staff!

Staff contacts can be found by clicking on their picture under the staff page 🙂

KooKoo Chicken – New Sponsor! 10% off

KooKoo Chicken

Proud to announce that KooKoo Chicken will now be our new sponsor!!

Present your ROCSAUT membership card to get 10% off on single order from your purchase at KooKoo! Also, KooKoo Chicken is now our new partner for the bento day, please follow our Facebook group for more updates on bento day!


Unit 10 – 1525 BRISTOL RD
(CreditvIew Rd & Britstol Rd intersection, near Nofrills)

We Want YOU!! <3

AO recruitment

Hey guys! UTM ROCSAUT is now recruiting Associate Officers (AO)…

Positions Available:

Treasurer AO
Secretary AO
Public Relations AO
Program Director AO
Marketing AO

Job Description & Qualifications:

[All AOs are required to attend all club meetings]

Treasurer AO:

Monthly cash flow analysis and reporting
Cash reimbursement and reconciliation of receipts
Budgeting expenditures
Strong analytical skills and basic financial knowledge required
Efficient use of Microsoft office software

Secretary AO:

Maintain meeting records and documentation
Set up timetables and deadlines for events
Arrange for meetings, schedule for booths
Assist President in administrative matters
Multi-task abilities, good time-management skills
Public Relations AO:

Conduct promotion of events through emails, facebook etc. to spread information
Sell tickets and contact members through email and/or phone
Attend booth duties and answer general questions from students
Be outspoken, cheerful and able to handle multiple tasks at one time

Program Directors AO:

Plan and coordinate events
Related duties necessary for executing events including but not limited to: contacting sponsors, booking event venues, communicating with treasurer for budget issues
React to unexpected issues and problems during execution of events
Creative, responsible, timely and strong communication and problem solving skills

Art AO:

Designing and producing event posters, magazines, flyers in paper and electronic form for promotion of club events
Assisting and communicating with PRs in the promotion of events
Taking pictures during events
Good in graphics design and use of photo editing software etc.

Marketing AO (Club Representation):

Communicating with external organizations or businesses in obtaining sponsorships or cooperation in events
Assist PDs in contacting these organizations
Have excellent negotiating and communication skills

Download Application Here (Deadline – Oct 18) :

AO Application Form 2013-2014

Please have the form filled out and e-mail it to OR give it to any of our ROCSAUT staffs before the deadline, Thank you!