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Hank Chen – 4th Year Mathematic and Statistics double majors

Serene Chien – 4th Year Anthropology specialist

Internal Vice-President

Shirley Tang – 4th Year Psychology specialist

External Vice-President

Linda Chien – 3rd Year Psychology and Anthropology double majors, Statistics minor

Head of Secretary

Jenna Lu – 3rd Year Finance specialist, Economics major


Helen Tam – 3rd Year Sociology and Health Science double majors

Head of Program Director 

Albee Mu – 3rd Year Environmental Management and Sociology double majors

Catherine Lin – 2nd Digital Enterprise Management specialist

Program Director

Daniel Chen – 3rd Year Accounting specialist

Haiyu Long – 3rd Year Accounting specialist

Jennifer Bin – 4th Year Digital Enterprise Management specialist

Chloe Lai – 3rd Year Sociology and Linguistic double majors

David Lo – 3rd Year French major, Statistic minor

Tiffany Liu – 2nd Year Accounting specialist, Economics major

Peggy Peng – 2nd Year

Rachel Chen – 3rd Year Economics and Statistic double majors

Kevin Feng – 2nd Year

Head of Public Relation

Leo Deng – 4th Year Accounting specialist

Public Relation Staffs

Leila Hu – 3rd Year

Wilson Lin – 3rd Year Mathematic and Statistic double majors

Grace Huang – 2nd Year Digital Enterprise Management specialist

April Lai – 2nd Year Commerce specialist, Economics major

Joanne Tsao – 2nd Year Marketing specialist, Economics major

Kelly Chu – 2nd Year

Crystal Huang – 2nd Year Digital Enterprise Management specialist


Christy Chu – 3rd Year Accounting specialist, Economics major

Janice Chin – 3rd Year CCIT and Women and Gender Studies double majors


Roderick Xi – 4th Year Political Science specialist

Assistant officers

Eden Tan (Public Relation)

Kingsley Heung (Public Relation)

Lydia Du (Public Relation)

Daniel Chen (Public Relation)

John Huang (Program Director)

William Fu (Program Director)

Eva Hung (Social Media Manager)

Giang Tran (Secretary)

Leon (Secretary)












































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