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Are you new to UTM? Don’t know much about this campus but you’re too far away to make a trip before school starts? Don’t worry! Most people (including me) have been through this stage that we just have no idea what is going on after we have received the acceptance letter. We have gathered some information for you here and we hope that those will help you survive through…at least the 1st month of school.

Let’s start with the most important one – UTM website

This website can pretty much get you to any websites that you will need throughout your times at university. You can link to Blackboard/Portal, ROSI, Webmail, Office of Registrar…etc.

Since you are not familiar with this website…yet. I will post some links that will take you straight to the important stuff.

School=courses, grades, tuition, student government election, blah blah blah…. Why not get a better, more appropriate, “official” definition by the school for the system where you do all these – Acorn

Now that you know how to pay your tuition and enroll in your courses, start checking out the courses UTM offers and plan your timetable if you want – Course Timetable Planner

There are many courses to take out there, which one should YOU take? Find your program requirements and don’t waste credits, also find out if there are any minimum requirements for admission – List of Programs

You think that’s all about UTM? Nope! To see your lecture slides, class announcements, test and assignment grades… You need to visit Portal/Blackboard [log in with UTORid]

Oh! Forgot to mention, dates are important too, mark down those deadlines and stay updated – Important Dates

When school starts, you will be super busy. To get reminders, updates, announcements, or to ask professors any questions, email sounds like something we will use in this century – Webmail/UTmail+

Need a place to stay? Apply now to live in the Residence. Guess what? If you’re an international student, UTM residence will offer you a four-year guarantee residence spot – SHRL (Student Housing & Residence Life) [scroll down to 360-degree tour to check out the rooms]:

Although UTM is not big, it is indeed somehow complicated. I got lost the first day I got here, so… here’s a Map to prevent more tragedies from happening


Hopefully, that helped! I am pretty sure those should be able to get you to the school at least (properly enrolled and registered, with a place to live) UTM102 will be out pretty soon, with all the detailed guides that you will need for you after you get to UTM. (Course enrollment, second-hand book exchange, CGPA calculator, Miway…) Please feel free to leave a comment or question and I will try my best to include my response in the UTM102 article.


剛收到UTM入學通知卻不知道下一步該做什麼? 對這學校一無所之卻置身於千里之外無法去走一趟? 別擔心! 很多人都經歷過這種時期,所以我們整理了一些新生通常會需要知道的小常識.

首先,先介紹我們學校的網站 – UTM website

從這個網站可以找到你再來大學崖會比較需要的各種資訊和網站,像是Blackboard/Portal, Acorn, Webmail, Office of Registrar…等等.


學校能幹什麼勒? 上課,成績,學費,翹課(噓~), 還有一堆有的沒的. 這些都得去 Acorn 歐!

選課,課表,繳學費,看成績都會在這邊. 翹課我是開玩笑的,但你如果因為”生病”而不能考試,那請你也在Acorn上面要記得申報歐!

既然你知道怎麼繳學費也知道怎麼選課了,那就開始看看UTM有什麼樣的課可以拿吧! 你沒事做的話也可以開始排課表,到時候選課才可以先搶先贏- Course Timetable Planner

學校的課這麼多,你該選哪些呢? 先找到你program的必修課,才不會浪費credits歐! 記得注意program requirement,才不會釀成無法挽回的災難 – List of Programs

大學就僅僅如此而已嗎? 才不呢! 教授們po上課筆記,考古題,平常考試功課的分數和公告都在Portal/Blackboard [用UTORid登入]:

歐對了! 有些日期很重要,千萬不要錯過了,把它記在你的行事曆才不會忘了! – Important Dates

開學後你會變得很忙碌,有空時都要看一下學校的e-mail,學校都會用這個信箱通知你各種大小事,你想聯繫教授也可以用它 Webmail/UTmail+

找不到地方住? 現在馬上就可以申請學校的宿舍囉! 學長姐的小叮嚀和撇步: 一年級住宿比較好,可以認識較多人,如果你是國際學生的話會有四年保證呦! – SHRL (Student Housing & Residence Life) [網站下面有個360度的宿舍參觀,點點看]:

雖然UTM不算大,但是結構有點小複雜. 可能我比較路癡吧,第一天可是迷路了很久找不到宿舍. 印個地圖可以讓你很快熟悉這裡的地形,被鹿追的話,也之到往哪跑 Map (還有,千萬不要以為可以用池塘來找教室等等,現在很多學長姐還不知道那裡有個池塘)

希望以上資訊有幫助你一點! 至少可以把你弄來學校,有課讀,也有宿舍 (好的開始是成功的一半…..嗎?). UTM102馬上就會出來囉~我會介紹一些更詳細的資訊像是….選課解說,買二手書的地方,CGPA計算,交通,該買該帶等等的一些小叮嚀~


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