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I hope UTM101 helped you to have a better overview of this school. Now, I’m going to explain some important stuff in more detailed.

Let’s start with course enrollment. When you log on Acorn(formerly ROSI), you can see many tabs on the left, those tabs may vary differently from time to time. BUT! Some tabs will stay there all the time, such as Financial Account (where you see your tuition, rez fees), Subject POSts, Personal Information,….., and Course Enrollment.
When course enrollment period is happening or coming up, you will also see a “View Start Time” tab (everyone’s start time is different depends on how many credits you have aka which year you are), this is when you can begin your course enrollment. I assume most of you are coming in as a First-year student (3.5 credits or less), so your enrollment date should be July 4th, 2012 for this year according to the calendar.

Before you enroll, get to know how the course codes work first, here is a general example.

Level means 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year level. The two numbers after the level do not mean anything although there is a rumor saying the higher the number is the harder the course is.
Credit: H=Half credit=0.5 credit; Y=Full credit=1.0 credit
Campus: 5=Mississauga; 3=Scarborough; 1=St. George
Session: F=Fall (1st semester), S=Winter(2nd semester), Y=Full year (1st & 2nd semester)
Some popular course examples: ECO100Y5Y(Economics, 1.0 credit, full year), MGT120H5S (Management, 0.5 credits, winter semester), CCT109H5F (Communication, Culture and Information Technology, 0.5 credits, fall semester), MAT137Y5Y (Math, 1.0 credit, full year)  [all 1st year Mississauga campus courses]
Under course enrollment tab, after you type in the course code, usually you have some options for different lecture times. Pick between LEC (Lecture) [ex. LEC0101], TUT (Tutorial) [only if it applies], and PRA (Practical) [only if it applies]
*Note: Check the previous article on how to find your program requirements. ex. Commerce – Finance/Accounting: ECO100, MAT133, MGT120, MGM101

Move on to those expensive books. One of the biggest expense for students is the text books! Text books do cost a lot, and usually, if you want to save money, second hand for the win~~~There are many ways you can save money, wait at the UofT bookstore for discounts, see if UofT bookstore have second-hand books, or use a popular website called tusbe (Toronto University Student Book Exchange)
Before you buy anything from this website, check the course syllabus to see which Edition of the textbook the professor is about to use for your year, trust me, you won’t believe how fast they change those editions. This website is pretty popular and useful because you can choose specifically the UTM campus, you can meet up with people on campus for purchase.

Are you super curious about your grades/CGPA? Don’t know how to convert percentage to GPAs? This link will solve everything, and it’s super easy to use, CGPA Calculator

When you get to the school, and you want to visit some places in Mississauga but you don’t have a car…. First, you go to the student center to get your U-Pass (Only for Full-time students which means you have enrolled in 3.0 credits or more between September and April), then go to the bus stop located in front of the Kaneff. MiWay is the Mississauga Transit and you can find the routes and schedules on their website

Just a reminder before I move on to other things to know, the school works with Scotia Bank. This means, you can only find Scotia bank ATMs on campus, so if you don’t have a bank account in this country then I would suggest Scotia Bank for your convenience to avoid a service charge. I’m not trying to advertise here or anything like that, just a friendly reminder.

So, what should you bring to the school? I would say it depends on what type of person you are. Then the next question is, what does the school have? If you live on campus, I would say you can survive it through without leaving the campus. The problem is, we are students, and we might want to save some money sometimes. At the Oscar Peterson Hall (OPH) Colman Commons Dining Hall, you can get many things like…shampoo, shower gel, tissues, notebooks, binders, papers, staplers, pens, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, shavers, tampons, eye drops, cough drops, vitamin drinks, condoms, and so much other things that I just can’t remember it all (Oh, and a lot of SNACKS). Those things sold at Colmans are usually more expensive comparing to Walmart, again, it depends on whether you care much or not.
If you live in OPH, let me remind you that you don’t have a kitchen, but you have a meal plan and a dining hall on the 1st floor so you don’t have to leave the building for food especially in the winter. Prepare yourself for a lack of cooking unless you meet some townhouse friends who trust your cooking skills to let you use their kitchens.
If you are still pretty new to Canada, and you are not used to the Western food. There is a T&T Super Market with a lot of Asian food and supplies, including rice cookers, so you don’t need to worry about carrying those heavy stuff in your luggage. For Stationary, I go to Staples and WalMart, and they usually have special deals in September for students. The library, Davis Building, North Building, and the printing center all have a printer that you can access with your Tcard (recharge the card because the printing money is not the same as meal plans).

These are all I can think of right now, comment below if you have any questions, Thank you!

OH! And don’t forget come find us (ROCSAUT) and join us during clubs’ week!


我希望上次po的UTM101對各位有幫助也更瞭解了這個學校. 今天我將把一些細節跟撇步傳授給你們這些學弟妹們歐!

選課是個學問,但是它並不難. 當你登入Acorn之後你左邊有一排選項,它們會隨著不同時間而增加或減少. 但是! 有一些最最最重要的,會永遠的待在那裡,像是Financial Acocunt (學費,宿舍費等等), Subject POSts (科系), 個人資料, 當然還有選課囉!
選課時期當下或是接近時,會多出一個選項是”View Start Time” (每人選課時間不同,依照學分多少,年級來排. 長幼有序,敬老尊賢聽過吧?). 廢話不多說,我直接假設你們都是一年級(少於3.5個學分),今年你們會在2012/7/4當天不同時間選課. 其他比較有歲數的哥哥姐姐,包括我,都會比你早幾個月先搶課的.

前面三個英文字母是科目的縮寫,第一個數字代表著哪一年級的課. 隨後的兩個數字基本上沒什麼意義,但是很多人猜測數字越高代表難度越高,選到499的就真的會想去撞牆了吧?
在三個數字的後面緊接著學分, H=0.5學分; Y=1.0學分 [小叮嚀: 一定要20個學分才能畢業歐]
最後一個數字代表著校區,雖然你學費繳給了密西沙嘉,但是你還是可以在別的校區拿課歐! 5=Mississauga; 3=Scarborough; 1=St. George
最後一個英文字代表著拿課的時段. F=Fall (第一學期); S=Winter (第二學期); Y=一整年
再用一些實際的範本, 一些大家很常拿的課: ECO100Y5Y (經濟學,1.0學分, 一整年), MGT120H5S (管理學, 0.5學分, 第二學期), CCT109H5F (資訊傳播科技, 0.5學分, 第一學期), MAT137Y5Y (數學, 1.0學分, 一整年) [以上的課都是Mississauga校區一年級的課]
當你在選課時,打進你選修課的代號,有些課會有很多時段給你選擇 ex. LEC0101. 選完後如果還有其他選項,請不要忘記歐! LEC 代表講課, TUT代表輔導課(有助教), PRA通常是用來考試或是做實驗的.
記得先去看你的必修課再選課, ex Commerce – Finance/Accounting一年級必修課有: ECO100, MAT133, MGT120, MGM101

課本都不便宜,一個學期隨便買買都好幾百,更不要說一年了. 教你省錢的撇步! 買二手書! 也有其他省錢的方法,例如等學校的書店特價, 查看書店有沒有你想要的二手書, 或是上tusbe (Toronto University Student Book Exchange)

你很擔心也很好奇你的分數在大學成績單看起來是什麼樣子嗎? 不知道怎麼把分數轉成GPA? 這個網站會幫你解決你剛剛的困惑的, CGPA 計算器

當你到了學校,想到當地逛逛卻沒代步車,當然就是坐省錢又環保的公車拉! 首先,先到學生中心領取你的U-Pass (必須是全職學生,整年至少選3.0學分), 接著去位於Kaneff門口的公車站搭車. 可以先上網站查好路線:

另一個小叮嚀, 學校合作的銀行是Scotia Bank,學校內只找得到這一家的提款機. 為了不要常被扣手續費等等,如果在加拿大沒有銀行帳號的話建議是辦這家會比較方便. 絕對沒有任何廣告的成分,因為本人也不是用這家的啦.

重點來囉! 該帶什麼來學校呢? 事實上我覺得這因人而異. 或許跟你說這學校有什麼會比較快, 簡單來說你如果是住校的話你可以不用離開學校還是可以活的下去,生活費可能就會高一點了. Oscar Peterson Hall (OPH) Colman Commons Dinning Hall, 賣的東西很多,像是…洗髮精,沐浴乳, 衛生紙, 筆記本,資料夾, 紙筆, 釘書機, 洗碗精, 洗衣精, 清潔用品, 衛生用品, 喉糖, 治感冒的, 點眼睛的, 啦哩啦咂通通都有,尤其零嘴特別多! 學校賣的東西跟外面比起來會貴一點.

如果你住在OPH, 提醒你你沒有廚房,但是你有meal plan,而且餐廳就在你的一樓, 冬天不用出去覓食! 當然,你如果有住在town house的朋友,也可以跟他們借廚房來展現你的廚藝. 你如果是剛來加拿大不久,對這裡的食物還不是很習慣的話,這裡有個大統華超市賣著很多亞洲食物食材跟雜物,也包括電鍋. 如果有需要文具的話,會建議選擇去Staples或是Walmart購買,因為九月時會有很多針對學生的特價. 學校很多地方有印表機跟影印機, 可以在你的學生證裡儲值使用 (跟meal plan的錢不互通).

目前能想到的就差不多這樣囉, 如果有任何疑問或建議的話請在下面留言, 謝謝!

歐! 別忘了在Clubs Week的時後來找我們台灣同學會的攤位加入我們或跟我們打個招呼!


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